Martin Predný


Do you need a new e-shop solution? I'm your man!

Martin Predný

My job

I help both new and existing clients set their business plan. We discuss, we dream, we explain– and from this, a new project emerges gradually. I am also responsible for the legal aspects of our business.

My history

I studied law at Masaryk´s University. It was very clear to me at that time, that the career of a lawyer was not a way to go for me. Then I met Jakub and decided to help with the growth of his entrepreneur firstborn, Shockworks.

My Shockworks

Even though Shockworks expands fast, we manage to preserve the original startup spirit. This spirit binds us all together and drives us towards better results, higher returns, quality clients—simply, towards success. Its the spirit of ambition and effort to learn and adapt to the new.