Be a Shockworker

Excuse our French, but stereotypes suck. If you are the same way as us, you avoid the old track and like to explore new possibilities. You long to see the meaning and results of your work. You do things your way. The world's your oyster. Are you the same way as us?

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Be brave; be a Shockworker

Did you fall in love with us? Hard to resist, right? If you think we might get on like a house of fire, send your CV and portfolio to Don’t forget to write, why you think you are a hidden Shockworker.

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What’s waiting for you

Modern technology

A friendly team

Easily accessible office in Brno

An attractive benefit system

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Workshops & conferences

Interesting projects

Honest & free approach

One for all, all for one

Every morning, we come to work to create both coffee and great projects. Everyday, we meet not only colleagues, but friends. We have created a unique atmosphere here at Shockworks – a gentle mix of pervert jokes, raw and cruel friendship, serious caring for each other and professionalism. We like to work together, create things together, brainstorm together. And if there happens to be a problem, we solve it by talking about it. 

The Shockworkers

If you want to work with us, you can’t be a mommy’s boy/girl – we need people who can decide for themselves and take action when needed. We do not go gently into that good night, we rage against the dying of the light. And you should, too! Be creative, be brave, step outside of that box!

If these words made your blood boil with the longing to belong to such a great gang (one shouldn’t brag but eh,…well…), you know what to do.