Solutions without limits

Do you have a successful e-shop? Well, don't stop there. Your business dreams naturally evolve. Compared with template solutions, our specially tailored e-shops are able to follow this progress. We can add, cut, adjust, remove—in short, we keep on forging away at your e-shop.

Know when & where to play

In order to be attractive, your e-shop should be playful. But don’t play with your customers in vain and in inappropriate places. Let them find what they need quickly. Product filtration is not a feature to be trifled with–and we can make it great

A smart presentation

An indecisive visitor comes to your page. What does he see? If your e-shop is boring, he’s not going to stay. A clever configuration of website elements can transform a visitor into a customer. We are able to seduce your customer to convert by making use of visual perception.  

An irresistible bonus system

You need a loyal customer. Someone who trusts you. Establishing this trust involves coming up with a clever variety of added values for the customer. A motivation for her to stay loyal to your e-shop. Our brainiac, Alfax, is able to set an easy-to-admin bonus system that works.

Oh dear, where am I?

Don’t ever let your customers browsing your e-shop ask themselves this question. One should always know where one is and how one got there. To secure this, Alfax gives your customer a smart compass–the menu. It is up to the brand communication, whether it will be a playful, or a minimalistic one. PS: Responsive design rules.

A sexy product list

Your product list doesn’t have to be dead and passive. There is so much room for creativity here! Apart from being functional, your product list should spark interest and wake up an inner child in your customer. We make him play, we make him browse–we make him convert.

Go into detail

A great picture of a product says a lot, but not all of it. Apart from a delicious dish of a copywriting, your product detail should have precise parameters, customer reviews, similar product offer etc. All this–and more–is possible in Alfax.

Original error messages

Nobody likes the 404. Or 500. But even these negative messages can be turned into a branding tool. A pinch of great graphics with a bucket of creativity and whoosh!–you have a great error message. With a bit of luck, even a funny one. Your customers will value this approach.

We can handle challenges. Have a go at us!

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