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Your home country is natural choise when you want to set up a business. It might be considered as a starting point. But sometimes, your plans and business results goes beyond what the local market might offer you. What to do then? Make a great step (till it’s right time). 

If you like the rush of adrenaline in your veins, you can take a leap of faith and try to expand on your own. But with us, you are covered. We break the new ground for you, so you can step out safely.

Why do we know how?

In the beginning we were creative studio, which took care mainly for soul and visage of e-shops. We were one of few who were able to create tailor-made authentic solution for each e-shop we built. We gave life to the brain of all our e-shops – software named Alfax.

We always tended to bring original graphic design and quality content. Thanks to online marketing services we always made the projects earn money.

Companies then grew and some of them got to the point, when they started to flirt with an idea of going beyond borders. Since we knew the projects thoroughly, we decided to offer them an assistance with expanding. Number of e-shops which yearn for stepping out of Czech republic grew and hence we can officially declare, that the challenge was accepted and accomplished.

As time went by, we set up our own e-shop and expanded to other countries. And now, we decided to share all these experiences with you.

What can we offer you in terms of successful expansion?

E-commerce software & Development

  • Software Alfax supports all 27 EU markets
  • Each language mutation is fit-to-requirements of an individual market
  • E-shops based on templates are fast enough, but on the other hand interchangeable, of low functionality and lame – that’s why we create e-shops which are tailor-made
  • Possibility to easily connect with any ERP partner
  • Software for our clients and building new modules on demand
  • It allows to connect to any payment gate and delivery provider
  • Retail and wholesale support
  • Individual filtration of products, advisory section, content management
  • We support our clients even after successful expansion
  • You’ll have your own warehouse and till system integrated within your e-shop (it’s gonna be your one-stop-shop for anything)


  • Before entering new market, we’ll provide you with local in-depth analysis
  • We’ll create marketing strategy
  • We offer full control over your marketing activities including translations of the campaigns into CEE languages from one place. We work out PPC campaigns, E-mailing, price comparison tool management, social networks, linkbuilding etc. for you
  • Managing marketing tools for activities even outside CEE markets
  • With further expanding to other markets we will make your business shine via integrated message delivered over multiple channels


  • We know what each market requires from branding perspective
  • We’ll create high-quality visual guide which might successfully compete with “western standards”
  • We’ll set up Brand Guidelines
  • We’ll prepare online/offline graphic applications
  • We do care about creative concepts of communication and campaigns (close cooperation with marketing)

Customer Care

  • We provide Customer Care by native speakers for CEE countries (CZ, SK, PL, HU, RO)
  • We’ll help you with passive and active telemarketing
  • We create a sophisticated system for cross-training on partners’ products
  • We carry out customer satisfaction analysis
  • It’s a must for us to have timely interaction between customer care and marketing/development departments in order to provide quick feedback about customer requirements/behaviour and act on it

Logistics & Deliveries

  • We’ll advise you on warehouse solutions
  • We can grant an exclusive cooperation with delivery providers within CEE
  • Full integration with Alfax system

Payments & Bank transfers

  • We’ll help you with setting up an account
  • And with technical implementation of payment methods, as well

So, are you in? We’re looking forward to new projects!

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